Saturday, March 24, 2012

Craft Room Build 3/17

This is what we have from last weekend.. Hopefully LOTS AND LOTS will get done this weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What have I been doing and who is "H"

I have been busy reading everyone else’s blog to do anything with mine. I am one of those lurkers that reads and reads but never says anything. I am lurking (stalking) on this site : (( )) the ideas are great!!!!!

The other things I am busy doing besides lurking (stalking) on others blogs:

T & H Tires: is a business that myself and "H" started. He does all the heavy stuff I do all the paper work. There is a lot of paperwork!

T & H General Contracting: is another business that has been going on a tad bit longer than the tires. Again I do all the paper work for that business as well.

Future plan: I have been going to auctions and storage units because I have always wanted to start a second hand store. My thinking is my crafts (quilts, purses, embroidery, ext. ext) could be sold in the store as well. And hopefully down the road other crafters could sell there stuff as well. This is a dream that will come about but it may be a few years until it does.

And the famous craft room addition update. Last Saturday after an all day thing, the holes where put in the ground for the posts. Sunday I had to yell at "H" a tiny bit to get the posts into the holes and cement around them. Three of the holes where in the wrong place so "H" had to re-dig them with out the digger thing. ("H"s dad and I marked where the holes where to be, we screwed up) Then it started raining.. Sunday night the posts where in the ground with cement, and are still there waiting for something else to happen to them. "H" stayed out in the rain to finish putting the post in. “H” is off doing a desk still and only has time to work on my addition on the weekends.. However this weekend electricity has to be upgraded up the T & H Tires building, so I am guessing no work on the craft room!!!

Finally WHO IS "H"...........................
"H" is my neighbor, guy friend, dinner buddy, the “H” in T&H. Nope we are not married!! We are NEIGHBORS. I am in upstate NY and we live out in the middle of no where. You look out for your neighbors and treat them like family. "H" and I are the same age and we did date for a while, I just got out of a 18 year marriage so I am really good with having a neighbor, guy friend, dinner buddy. 

See ya later

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Everything is more important

My craft - sewing room has still not been started. It seems to me that everything else is more important than the one thing that I want. The person that is going to build my room (yah right) has started a deck for some one else. Ok yes this some one else is going to pay him and I am not but that is so not the point. I think I might just move to a new house on my own then I can have the whole place for my crafts and sewing. I am frustrated!!