Monday, April 30, 2012

master bathroom 1

My house was a run down 1970s mess when we bought it. I have been giving myself $100 every month to do projects around the house. In home improvement world $100 does not go very far at all. I have determined the only way I am going to get this whole house done the way I will love it is to start at one end and work my way to the other. Starting at the far end is my master bathroom. I am going to get this room done the way I will love it (except for the tub). I need a brand new tub with the floor under it replaced and $100 bucks will not cover that.

Here is what the bathroom looks like now.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

waynes world 2012

We went to Waynes world today. It is a big muddy play area for 4X4 trucks and other types of muddy toys. Nothing has been put online about Waynes Wold since 2009:

I took over 200 pixs here are some of them.

The Power Wagon makes it look so easy. So lets do it again backwards

There was only a hand full of trucks that made it over this

The tow rope was NOT used to pull the Power Wagon out.
The poor new strap was used on a ford, ugg

She is so SEXY

Uh Oh,, Flat tire :-(
We brought a spare but this tire is shot.
Only the second time out for these tires.
Look how muddy she is>

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

craft room April 25th

Roof supports went in (I got to cut some) and then the plywood went down. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so “H” called at 3:00 and ordered the tin for on top of the plywood. I am told that if plywood gets wet it is trash. Lucky me they had the kind in that “H” wanted and could get it done before close at 5.

Got back with the tin and “H” and Eric got it up on the roof. After seeing them get the plywood up I was kind of nervous about this. “H” got everything screwed down and the top part calked so should be no leaking. I have a ROOF so exciting!!

So I am thinking that since it is going to rain tomorrow then no work will be done Eric is thinking the same thing and I think he is excited about not having to work on my craft room. “H” says that there is a roof that means that work can go on under it when it is raining and surprise you wont get wet. I am unsure if this means he plans to build the side walls tomorrow in the rain or if he was just saying this to bug Eric. We will have to wait and see what happens?! I hope works get done!! I can not wait to get this room done and get ALL of my stuff organized, so I can use it all!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cont.. 1st Quilt with out a pattern

I finished the quilt top today (first one with out a pattern) with out the dogs help! No work has been done to the craft room due to snow. Yes that is correct SNOW. One day I have on shorts and the next I am wearing my boots again. Upstate New York weather is crazy. Oh and on top of that I am told that we are up on a high hill so we always get snow and the bad weather where as down in town (Bath/ Penn Yann) do not. Come on summer!!

2nd and LAST prom dress

Here is the 2nd prom dress and the last dress I will make. 
(at least I hope it is the last dress)

I worked on this dress first yesterday before the quilt. So the dress got finished and the quilt only worked on a bit. After the 10th time of stepping over dogs and telling them to move I quit. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st Quilt with out a pattern

H and I went to this little breakfast place down in Naples a while ago. 

We sat at this table:

Being crafty me I saw a quilt pattern in this tile table. The quilt is almost done, it needs one more border. I will finish up tomorrow and post a picture then.

Many quilts are sitting around waiting to be quilted. The excuse I am using is I do not have the space to lay then out and pin them. This is true but not imposable. I could drag out the ping pong table and do it up in the barn. However this is a LOT of moving stuff around. I will just wait until my craft room is done.

Ha you thought there would be one post with out mention of the craft room. Ha think again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1st prom dress done

First of two prom dresses. I do not plan to make another dress ever again after the 2nd one I am working on is done. This was not fun. I will stick to quilts, bags and other fun stuff!!!

Craft room April 18th

I came back from Tops today to this, way exciting

guys moving the wood from the back of the house to the addition in the front

OH a wall being put together

top of wall

wall is STANDING yah

part of roof
I am WAY HAPPY at the process that is going on!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

craft room April 17th

No words needed, just lots of pictures for one day of work on the craft room

Eric almost lost a leg with this one

Big jump on the pix's, I was busy putting brackets on the end of the boards