Friday, February 24, 2012

Craft Room ugg

I have read some blogs out there and I feel that I have things to say and share with others. Ok, also things to complain about. My biggest complaint as of late is my craft room. I am in a back bedroom and there is not enough room for half of my stuff. I feel cramped and my creative juices are not working so well in a cramped closed in non organized space. Organization is a HUGE thing with me. I guess I have a bit of OCD as my children call it. Nice teenagers that they are.

So here is my room:
This is the door way into the room. What a mess!!
The stack of bins are all full of fabric.
Between the table and the iron board on the floor
 is my embroidery machine all boxed up.
No room for it!
Oh did I mention that the dogs like to hang out in here with me too.
There is Big Boy in his spot so I have to step over him. thanks Big Boy!
Oh did I also mention that this space is also the temporary office for :
T & H Tires and General Contracting
Some more of the material stash
Yep another dog.
This one is Lanny (he is my sisters dog)
I am puppy sitting him.
The other dog that lives in the house is a boxer, Brusser.
She hangs out in the craft room a  lot of the time with Big Boy.
The location of the new craft room.. One day.
Finished craft room is supposed to be 12 X 30

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