Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Craft room May 1

Oh the craft room is looking good! I am being told that I can not start the bathroom because there are enough projects going on. So it will have to wait.


  1. thank you for visiting me on my blog...how long have you lurked..hee hee
    I have looked all the way through your blog to get a feel for you and who you are...nice...I like you and your attitude...sorry about the 18 year thing....but I applaud you for getting your act together and going for the life you dream of...like this craft room...terrific...I need a writing room...one on a deserted island I think..so my family won't be able to bother me!....I like the idea of a thrift shop...and I'll bet you watch storage wars...and such...right.....I don't know what you see in me...but I am flattered that you see something......

    1. OHH no I have been found out. Shh don't tell any one that I am a lurker. hee hee
      Thank you for all your kind words, makes me feel really good. Oh wait I have attitude? Why does every one tell me this hee hee

    2. attitude...a good thing