Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st Quilt with out a pattern

H and I went to this little breakfast place down in Naples a while ago. 

We sat at this table:

Being crafty me I saw a quilt pattern in this tile table. The quilt is almost done, it needs one more border. I will finish up tomorrow and post a picture then.

Many quilts are sitting around waiting to be quilted. The excuse I am using is I do not have the space to lay then out and pin them. This is true but not imposable. I could drag out the ping pong table and do it up in the barn. However this is a LOT of moving stuff around. I will just wait until my craft room is done.

Ha you thought there would be one post with out mention of the craft room. Ha think again.


  1. Looks like that would be a beautiful quilt! How is your craft room going?

  2. The quilt I did with pinks, I love it!! It snowed here so no work on the craft room. Thank you so much for being my 1st follower. You are the best :-)