Tuesday, April 3, 2012

trailer/ mobile home/ place to keep my stuff

I did a search for decorating a trailer/ mobile home on Google looking for blogs out there. Huh nothing out there. So where will I get ideas to make this place nicer? Looking at all the blogs of homes is nice but for those of you that have lived in a trailer you know the space is so different.

I believe one of the big problems is that I have way to much stuff. (More than half my craft stuff is been in boxes for over a year and in storage.) Yesterday I boxed up books and took one shelf out of the living room. I also moved all of the furniture around again and ripped up the nasty blue carpet that was in here when we moved in. I put down that peel and stick tile stuff because this is something I can do on my own and it is cheap. I thought it looked nice, others did not!

Nothing has been done on the craft room. I am hearing that it should be worked on next week. I am putting a lot of hope on this new room. I hope that when the craft room is done the rest of the house will just fall together and be lovely. Lots of dreams for one
 12 X 24 room.  I really need to stop complaining about this house, it is 100% paid for and the area that we are living in is out away from everyone, and quiet.  

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