Monday, July 23, 2012

Link Up Thread Organization

Sew Many Ways is an awesome blog. She is having another one of her great linking parties. For the first time I am going to link. I have seen many linking parties before that I would have loved to link too, but I am always to late. BUT this time I am not!!

The link party is thread organization.

My craft room is still not finished so my stuff is in 4 different places. (Sons room, middle spare bedroom, living room and barn). But my thread organization was easy enough to get to too share.

First I LOVE my Gutermann Thread. At this point I believe I have almost every color. Ok I am missing a couple but not many. These three holders can be found here. The only difference is my thread is 100% Polyester and the holders on the web site are 100% cotton. I bought them a few years back on Black Friday so perhaps the Polyester ones are only available at this time of year.

The process to organize all the thread was a pain in the butt; however it is wonderful now that it is finished. I started by figure out how many polyester colors Gutermann had. I visited many, many, many web sites and got a list of all the color numbers. Then I used the cool Microsoft word format tool and got all the numbers in order. I printed all of these numbers on label paper and cut them out using my scrapbook cutting tools. I covered up all the numbers in order with the new sticky numbers. Then I took all of the thread out of the holders got all my other Gutermann thread (huge pile) and started sliding them all into there new labeled homes. 

Another thread that I have is Coats & Clark mini cone things. When I bought my embroidery machine I got several money coupons to only us in there store. The sales people told me that this thread is the best for my Brother embroidery. (My machine likes the Gutermann better.. shh don’t tell the sales people). So I have this thread and some other small spools of thread in 5 of these (also Joann's) that just sit on a shelf under my cutting table. 

For my bobbins and thread that has not been put away yet I have a wire basket that I put a piece of material in.  I wrap my bobbins and other thread with baby hair ties that I got at the dollar tree.

I just started Cross Stitching again. (Only because there is a way cute design that I need for my craft room when it is done.) So I bought a floss caddy from Joann that came with 100 floss cards. I forgot that cross stitch floss can also be considered thread.

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