Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Master Bathroom update

I have been kind of doing stuff. Well maybe not. But I am out of my funk and charging ahead to get some stuff done. I will be doing several posts today to catch up on what has happened.

The master bathroom is not completely done but it is much, much better. I am finding that these bigger projects take a long time to do with no help. It makes me very frustrated that I can’t just twitch my nose and have it done. (any one else remember that show? Please say yes. I do not want to be old alone!)

Remember this is a single wide mobile home.

Ok so the master bathroom looked like this:

Here is the bathroom updated. Not finished but ohhh so much better!!!!!!!!!

There is trim around that BRIGHT window

bad pix. the little hats under the picture are very cute.

I am looking to replace this shelf with a pretty white one.

not sure how to frame the mirror so it stays on the wall.

I got this material at a sale for $14. yah.
A little side by side:



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